Mask, distance rules should also be followed for flu: Expert

The destructive effect of COVID-19 has gradually disappeared, the number of daily cases has decreased, but the rules of "mask-distance-hygiene" should also be followed to protect against the recently increasing cases of seasonal flu, an expert has stated.

The transmission rate of COVID-19 has significantly decreased, stated İsmail Başıbüyük, Antalya provincial health director, adding that the mask, distance and hygiene rules should also be followed for seasonal flu, which increasingly showed its impact.

Stating that seasonal flu cases have increased recently in every age group of the country Başıbüyük pointed out that high fever, runny nose, sneezing, coughing are symptoms caused by viruses that affect the upper respiratory tract.

"The dominant character of upper respiratory tract infections in our country is influenza," he added.

Providing information regarding general practices in protecting against viral respiratory tract infections, Başıbüyük said, "During the first and unknown period of coronavirus, masks, distance and hygiene measures were the basic three rules that could protect us against all viruses, especially viruses that can be transmitted through respiratory tract."

"At this point, as doctors, we also ask the society to pay attention to the mask, distance and hygiene rules as much as possible," Başıbüyük stated.

Those who are in a high-risk group should get flu vaccines, he noted.

"Our citizens over the age of 65, our health workers, those who have chronic diseases such as diabetes, lung or diseases that suppress the body's defense mechanism should definitely get vaccinated," Başıbüyük added.

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