Regional airports’ record year

Greece's 14 largest regional airports, managed by Fraport Greece, reported a million more passengers last year than in 2019. In total, passenger traffic reached 31 million passengers, or 3.4% from the record year of 2019, sources have told Kathimerini, though uncertainty is clouding the new year.

The overall 2022 performance, which is a new all-time record, points to individual trends that significantly differentiate the picture by destination. For example, Mykonos and Santorini closed the year with increases of more than 20% and 50% respectively in terms of international passenger traffic compared to the last year before the pandemic. Also, the airports of Skiathos, Corfu and Aktio also recorded significantly improved performances.

However, for this year, concerns have already arisen over factors that may curtail passenger traffic. Airlines appear heavily burdened by...

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