Romanian MEP: We have No Chance for Schengen in 2023

"Romania has no chance of entering Schengen in 2023", said the leader of the Romanian People's Movement Party (PMP) and member of the European Parliament, Eugen Tomac, in an interview with Radio France Internationale (RFI). According to him, the government in Bucharest should consider suing the Court of the European Union, BTA reported.

"I am absolutely convinced that in 2023 we have no chance. Nowhere in the program of the Swedish presidency is Schengen enlargement a priority. And after Sweden, Spain takes over the presidency, where elections are coming up in December. I don't see how a government entering an election campaign will put Schengen expansion as a priority on its agenda. We also know that both Spain and Italy are heavily criticized for the way they manage the EU's southern border. 2024 is the year of European parliamentary elections. Schengen will again not be a topic on the agenda of the member states, because the populists will automatically say that if the Schengen area is expanded, more migrants will still come. It is for this reason that I believe that the most realistic term is at least two years," commented the MEP.

According to Eugen Tomac, it is the European Commission that determines whether a country meets the criteria of Schengen legislation and whether it should join, not the Council of the European Union.

"I have serious reservations about the correctness of Vienna's assessments, and therefore we must use all the tools that the EU offers to achieve justice," adds the Romanian MEP.

In December 2022, the EU denied Bulgaria and Romania Schengen membership, with only Croatia joining.

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