The US are faced with four new problems after Putin and Jinping reach an agreement

Andrey Karneyev, Russian Orientalist, commented the possible outcomes.

In their video link conference held on December 30, the leaders of Russia and China agreed to strengthen mutual cooperation during 2023. Separately, Xi Jinping promised that Beijing will increase political cooperation with Moscow in this difficult international situation. A clear manifestation of that will be the visit of Xi to Russia in the spring, following the invitation of Vladimir Putin.
Xi Jinping's promise to global community is that Moscow and Beijing will immediately increase cooperation in four areas. This rapprochement will pose problems for the United States, because the joint policy of Russia and China will affect American global hegemony.
"We will defend our traditional positions - strengthening the role of the UN, adhering to the principle of non-intervention, resisting US dictates and strengthening our cooperation in the SCO, BRICS and G20. There will be a lot of work," Karneyev explained.
According to political scientists, China will not significantly change its position on the conflict in Ukraine. The sudden change in rhetoric does not fit into the tradition of Chinese politics. At the same time, the analyst warned that Washington will try various tricks to undermine the friendship between Moscow and Beijing. "The United States will try to drive a wedge between our countries, or perhaps promise China preferences.
The Chinese leadership understands why this will be done. It understands that the United States should not be trusted on this issue, because Washington does not seek to promote the development of the PRC and its formation as a dominant force in world politics", Karneyev explained and added: "If there are any promises made, all of them...

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