Caution: A new Internet Scam in Serbia reported

Serbian citizens are receiving scam emails again these days. After the Post Office, the National Bank of Serbia, and others, SBB internet and cable provider is now the phishing target.

As reported, the company registered a series of "phishing" emails on December 19, 2022, when emails were sent randomly to SBB users, but also to those who are not users of SBB hosting services, with false representation on behalf of the company.
Namely, citizens receive an email claiming that there was a problem with the renewal of services and that, if a certain amount is not paid within 24 hours, the domain will be suspended. After the "notification," there is a link to be clicked in order to "renew the service" and pay the money.
SBB reported this publicly immediately after the occurrence, also informing their users about the fraud, along with instructions on how to proceed via the official website and newsletter.
"Our users are informed that the SBB d.o.o. has never and will not require updating data in a similar way, because there is a strict procedure for updating data," SBB informed.
"After similar emails that appeared yesterday, we will do the same to protect our users and the name of our company. In addition, we will send a report to the High-Tech Crime Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is responsible for such cases," the company informed.

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