At least 1 woman fell victim to femicide every day in 2022: Data

Violence against women continues to be a grave problem in Türkiye, as the number of femicides rose from 348 in 2021 to 381 last year, which means at least one woman fell victim to femicide every day last year alone, shows the data from the Federation of Women's Associations of Türkiye (TKDF).

The perpetrators of 138 out of 381 women killed in 2022 were either their partners or spouses.

Some 88 femicides were described as "suspicious death," while the femicides committed were disguised as an "accident" or "suicide" and death cases, especially falling from a height, have become almost common "incidents."

Of the women killed in 2022, 182 were married, 118 were single or divorced, 15 were religiously married, and the marital status of 66 was unknown.

TKDF's statistics also revealed that the province with the highest number of femicides in 2022 was Istanbul.

Istanbul is followed by the western province of İzmir, the capital Ankara and the southern province of Antalya, respectively.

In addition to 2022 statistics, TKDF's 14-year femicide records indicated that 4,086 women fell victim to femicide between 2008 and 2022.

Canan Güllü, the head of TKDF, stated that at least one woman is killed every day since the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention.

In March 2021, Türkiye announced its withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, also known as the Council of Europe Convention, on preventing and combating violence against women.

"The femicides have recently increased due to the poor functioning of the mechanism and the lack of action against violence," Güllü stated.

In addition, femicide will increase as long as perpetrators who commit violence do not receive punishments for the violence they committed, she...

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