Serbian patriarch urges rights for Kosovo-Metohija Serbs

BELGRADE - Patriarch Porfirije and all archbishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church on Thursday urged the international community to ensure to Kosovo-Metohija Serbs the same universal freedoms that ethnic Albanians and all other people in the world have.

"We remind all responsible factors that universal human rights and freedoms that apply to (ethnic) Albanians and all other people in the world need to apply to Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija, too. Personal safety and safety of property and freedom of movement belong to everyone to the same extent and, as such, must be undisputed," the patriarch said in a message ahead of Orthodox Christmas and the Orthodox New Year.

He noted that, since mid-2022, "in our covenant land of birth, in Kosovo-Metohija, those who have been our neighbours for centuries, have been issuing ultimatums, provoking, wreaking terror and constantly...

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