Vucic announced that He is in his Last Term as President of Serbia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he does not want to change the country's constitution in order to remain in office for a third time in the next election, N1 reported.

Vucic went even further, declaring that "in the first half of next year" he would also give up the presidential post in the party. "This is my last term, I don't want to change the constitution, none of that."

"I have no need, nor do I want in any way to deceive or conceal facts from my people," he also said. Vucic won last year's presidential election with nearly 63 percent of the vote, although the result of his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) was noticeably weaker (44 percent). At the same time, he signaled that it is possible that Serbia could go to new parliamentary elections, where the SNC - enjoying a much lower approval rating than his personal rating - would increase its support.

His words were part of an annual conference in the presidency, which he used to comment on other topics: Kosovo, Russia and Ukraine, expectations of a difficult year because of the war.

"Citizens should know what awaits them," Vucic also said, talking about the combination of development and progress and difficulties much greater than those in 2023, in economic terms. "America is falling and heading into recession, China's growth is falling, Europe is getting closer to recession, and Serbia's growth is falling, because Serbia is part of this system."

"We secured funds from our Arab friends"

He assured that, for now, Serbia can manage without the introduction of sanctions against Russia, membership in NATO and the European Union. "We took care of ourselves and secured funds at 3% (interest)...

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