Vucic expects Chollet to visit Belgrade in first half of January

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday evening he expected US Department of State Counsellor Derek Chollet to visit Belgrade on January 11 or 12, and noted that he believed in the creation of a better relationship with the US.

Responding to questions from reporters at an annual press conference, Vucic said Chollet occupied the "seniormost position of all in the State Department" and was "very close to (US National Security Advisor) Jake Sullivan".

"An extremely important man, he is coming here on January 11 or 12 if I am not mistaken - he is a serious, committed, young and intelligent man. I believe in the creation of better relations with the US, we will see how it goes. It will not be an easy conversation, but I believe we can talk. I expect all those European experts to come after that, and that is it," Vucic said.

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