Wanted by the Kremlin Journalist Christo Grozev feels Threatened to Return to Bulgaria

Christo Grozev at the meeting with Bulgarian deputies

Investigative journalist Christo Grozev admitted that he feels threatened to return to Bulgaria. He told Parliament's Control Committee that there was round-the-clock police protection in the country where he and his family reside.

For Christo Grozev, there is no doubt that his activity as an investigative journalist for the past 7 years is the reason for his designation as "wanted" by the Russian Federation. He received a black stamp for entering Russia back in 2016. Therefore, the thesis of the Russian ambassador to our country, Eleonora Mitrofanova, that the search for him is only a message to him, that he is not welcome in Russia, is impossible.

The Bulgarian political formations: "We Continue the Change" and "Democratic Bulgaria" believe that decisive measures should be taken to protect the journalist. GERB-SDS insist that Bulgaria build a mechanism for sanctions against the Russian Federation. The pro-Russian "Vazrazhdane" asked for what reason Grozev is titled as an investigative journalist.

For the second week in a row, Chisto Grozev still does not know why the Russian Federation is looking for him. In front of the Bulgarian deputies, he referred to information from "RIA Novosti" that the accusation against him was based on the law on fake news.

Grozev: "An investigation published a month and a half ago identified a Russian secret department responsible for cruise missiles that caused many innocent victims."

Grozev cited his work as an investigative journalist for the past seven years as a reason. He rejected the version of the Russian ambassador in Bulgaria that he was wanted only in Russia.

"I received a black stamp for entering Russia back in 2016", he said.

Grozev also told about his...

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