A wish for Turkey in 2023: A change in behavior

[Francisco Seco/AP]

Does the growing confrontation with the West, in an ever-expanding range of issues, benefit Turkey? In the same way, how much does Turkey gain from its increasingly aggressive stance towards Greece? If the behavior in question was the product of pre-election planning, it would obviously be reprehensible, but it would make sense. However, everything points to something much deeper. Megalomania and arrogance, displayed to an excessive degree by the leadership of the neighboring country, make for very bad - sometimes even dangerous - advisers.

If President Recep Tayyip Erdogan really looks forward to a military confrontation with Greece, believing that, in the end and in an overall context, he will gain, he is misreading the situation. The opposite will happen. It is not only the unnecessary damage his country will suffer on a purely military level even if Turkey "wins" any...

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