Coastline of Sarıyer district covered with jellyfish

The coastline of about 2 kilometers in Istanbul's Sarıyer district is covered with jellyfish, which residents say has been caused by the pollution in the water.

The Sarıyer coastline along the Bosphorus turned white with numerous jellyfish.

Aerial images of the coast covered with jellyfish created captivating landscapes, while residents of the surrounding area said that jellyfish appeared due to heavy pollution in the sea.

"The beaches are full of dirt, but I don't know why the jellyfish are coming. We should keep not only the sea clean but also our entire environment," a citizen said.

"Jellyfish come here probably because of the pollution. I have seen many times they cleaned while the sea, but these cleaning works are never enough," another citizen stated.

Recently, Istanbul has been facing serious pollution. The smog that has blanketed the city since the last week is due to intense air pollution, experts stated, warning that the resident should not spend much time outside in the early hours of the day.

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