Day 317 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Zelensky Rejected Putin’s Ceasefire

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

Moscow does not see a desire in Washington for a political solution in Ukraine

"All the recent actions of the US, including the decision to grant a new package of military aid to Kyiv, which will include US Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, directly show the lack of desire in Washington to find a political solution for Ukraine." This was stated by the Russian ambassador to the USA Anatoly Antonov to journalists. "Even the unilateral ceasefire we announced on Christmas Day is called an 'attempted breather' here."

"All this means that Washington is determined to fight with us 'to the last Ukrainian', and the fate of the people of Ukraine does not concern the Americans at all," said the Russian diplomat.

According to him, the decision of the US administration to transfer Bradley fighting vehicles to Kyiv "is a confirmation that the United States will not listen to the repeated calls of the Russian side to take into account the possible consequences of such a dangerous line of behavior."

According to Antonov, it should finally become obvious to the entire world community that since 2014, the United States has unleashed a real proxy war with Russia, supporting Nazi criminals in Kyiv.

There can be no talk of any "defensive character" of the transferred weapons for a long time, the ambassador said.

According to him, with its actions, the American administration "only incites the Ukrainian radicals to new terrible deeds", and with each new delivery of weapons from the USA, "they feel greater impunity" and "with particular cynicism, they continue to kill...

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