The “impossible” is possible indeed

For Duan Nikezi, vice-president of the SSP, this is an "empty account", wrote Mali.

"The manipulative habits and deception of these political currents in Serbia will never get rid of it. You got away with it once and very quickly you were punished in the elections by the lack of support from the Serbian citizens. Because, while you falsely promised better wages and pensions, investments, growth, and progress, Serbia slid towards bankruptcy with the entire 8 billion dinars in the account in 2012. That is almost 40 times less money than we have at the moment and that without help to the citizens, the economy, without an adequate response to the crisis, without the expertise and knowledge to manage public finances ", the minister stated in his post.
"You said 'it is impossible for Serbia's public finances to be stable'. This sentence speaks so much about your knowledge of economic flows that it is superfluous to comment. However, I will explain to you that today, in every possible field, Serbia is in a better position than when you left it ten years ago, when we found salaries unworthy of human life, below 300 euros, citizens without jobs, miserable GDP, with no active construction sites.
"Today, Serbia cumulatively, during the most economically difficult times in the last 50 years in the world, achieved GDP growth from 2019 to 2022 which is an amount of 13.7 percent. During those same years, this growth was greater than that achieved by the member EU, neighboring Croatia, since it recorded a growth of 13.6 percent. If we look at the region, neighboring countries, and beyond, Romania's result in the observed period achieved GDP growth of 11.3 percent, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 11.1, Bulgaria 10, 8, Albania 10.3, Montenegro 6.6, Greece 6.5,...

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