Interior Minister: Bulgaria has Still Not Received an Answer from Russia as to Why Christo Grozev is Wanted

Christo Grozev

"For now, there is no answer from Russia as to why Christo Grozev has been declared wanted." This was stated by the Acting Minister of Internal Affairs, Ivan Demerdzhiev, from the parliamentary rostrum. A letter was sent to the Russian Federation demanding that the reasons be given:

"I sent an official letter at the end of last year, with which I asked the Russian Federation to indicate these reasons. This letter is moving through the diplomatic channel at the moment. We expect, after it goes through the appropriate order, to receive an answer. We have not received an answer to date".

Grozev was heard via video link last night in the parliamentary committee for control over the special services. A statement from the Russian Interior Ministry said he was wanted for violating "an article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation."

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