Israel police arrest 2 teens in attack on Christian cemetery

A grave lies in ruins where vandals desecrated more than 30 graves at a historic Protestant Cemetery on Jerusalem's Mount Zion in the Old City of Jerusalem, Wednesday. [AP]

The Israeli police on Friday arrested two teenagers who they said vandalized over two dozen Christian graves in a historic Jerusalem cemetery earlier this week.

The graves of Christian figures at the Protestant Cemetery on Jerusalem's venerated Mount Zion were found pushed over and pulled from their foundations on Sunday, unsettling the contested city's Christian minority and drawing worldwide condemnation. The cemetery is more than 170 years old and houses prominent members of the armed forces and clergy in the holy city.

Late Thursday, the US Embassy's Office of Palestinian Affairs said it was "concerned" that the religious site was targeted again - the second time in a decade.

"Religious site vandalism by anyone is unacceptable," the office said. "Jerusalem must be a city for all of its people."

Israeli police did not name the suspected vandals but...

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