No trace of Gülistan Doku found for 3 years

Gülistan Doku's family, who was never heard from again after she left her dormitory in the eastern province of Tunceli on Jan. 5, 2020, when she was 21, has been asking where their daughter is for three years.

In the investigation that started upon the family's missing report, all suspicions were on her Russian-born boyfriend, Zaynal Abarok, but Abarok left Tunceli right after his statement was taken and he was released.

While the searches were continuing, it was claimed that the young woman may have committed suicide as the last place where Gülistan was seen was a bridge in the region.

However, no results were obtained from the searches in the lake. Despite the intervening three years, no evidence of Gülistan has been reached.

Speaking to the daily Milliyet, Gülistan's mother, Bedriye Doku, said, "We have been waiting for news from my daughter for exactly three years."

"For three years, we have been waiting for the answer to the question 'where is Gülistan?'"

"We do not have even a tombstone to go and cry for my daughter. I do not know what happened to my daughter," the mother said.

"We have been devastated by the loss of my daughter for three years. We have neither night nor day. Please find our daughter now," she stated.

Ali Çimen, the lawyer of the family, also stated that the file is pending, adding that the suspect's materials were not examined for three years.

"We have renewed our request for a review, but nothing has changed," he explained.

Since the day she disappeared, women's associations have launched many campaigns and held a demonstration to find Gülistan.

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