Two Kosovo Serb youths wounded in drive-by shooting by ethnic Albanian

BELGRADE - Two Kosovo Serb youths were wounded at Gotovusa, near Strpce, on Friday after an ethnic Albanian man opened fire at them from a moving vehicle, the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija said.

In a statement, it said the attack had been unprovoked and that the two youths - who are males and relatives aged 11 and 21 - had been walking by the side of the road and carrying Yule logs at the time the attacker, who is a local, shot bursts of fire at them.

The Office said they had exit wounds through the hand and shoulder, respectively, and were extremely lucky to be alive and out of vital danger.

They are on their way to the Gracanica hospital.

The Office said this was an evident attempt of murder targeting innocent youths who had merely been carrying Yule logs - demonstrating clearly that they were Serbs.

Even though several...

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