Vucic: KFOR has given negative response to request for return of Serbian troops

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday KFOR had given a negative response to Serbia's request for a return of its army and police troops to Kosovo-Metohija, and noted that the response had "accidentally" been delivered on Orthodox Christmas Eve.

"We all knew and expected that answer, I think I had also announced that somewhere... Of course, they said they believe there is no need for a return of the Serbian Armed Forces to the territory of Kosovo-Metohija, invoking (UN SC) Resolution 1244," Vucic said in an appearance on Pink TV.

He said that, however, KFOR had said it had its role under UN SC Resolution 1244 but had not invoked any part of the resolution to decline the request because "there is no such a thing."

"Someone smart enough compiled that for them, because they have no right to reject that request, they knew they have nothing to...

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