Winter sales start on Monday across Greece

Retail commerce saw turnover increase by 13.9% in January 2022 compared to a year earlier, due to two factors: first that this year shops were open for business for the entire month, against just 15 days in January 2021, and second that prices have increased significantly over those 12 months. It is no coincidence that sales volume grew at a lower rate - i.e. 8.9% year-on-year. Supermarket and fuel station data speak more clearly about the impact of prices on turnover growth: Supermarkets saw a 5.3% rise in turnover but only 0.8% in sales volume; fuel stations recorded turnover growth of 42.9% but sales volume rose just 17.4%.

The winter sales window opens on Monday across Greece, and will stay open up to Tuesday, February 28.

Stores can also open this coming Sunday, January 15, as on the first Sunday of every sales period.

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