Brnabic: We will request additional guarantees for Kosovo-Metohija Serbs

DUBAI - Commenting on KFOR's negative response to Serbia's request for a return of its security forces to Kosovo-Metohija, Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said that "what KFOR says is one thing and the reality is another thing," and noted that the reality was that Serbs were not safe in Kosovo-Metohija.

"We will request additional guarantees because these are not the conditions in which anyone in Europe should live in the 21st century," Brnabic said in a statement to Tanjug on Sunday.

She said she would continue to insist on respect of all agreements reached in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and noted that she expected the establishment of a Community of Serb Municipalities to be the focus of meetings due to be held this week.

Speaking about KFOR's negative response to Serbia's request, Brnabic said two things indicated the character of that response.

"One thing...

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