Erdogan announced the reinforcement of the Turkish fleet

The reinforcement of the Turkish fleet was announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Speaking at the delivery ceremony of a new type of Firtina self-propelled guns at the BMC factory near Ankara, Erdogan announced that the first unmanned aircraft carrier, the Istanbul frigate and the Piri Reis submarine, would join the Turkish fleet this year.

Speaking at the event, as SKAI channel reported, Erdogan said: "This year the first UAV carrier will join our fleet. It will be joined by the Bayraktar TB3 unmanned aerial vehicle which will make its first flight.

This year, with God's help, the Istanbul frigate, which is the first class I frigate, and the Piri Reis submarine, which is the first of the new type of submarines, will join our fleet."


At the same time, with provocations and threats, Ankara continues to dynamite the climate with Greece, while Athens responds with calmness and determination to the barrage of threats, announcing that our country is ready for all eventualities.

Regardless of whether the threats are largely related to the domestic fronts of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who continues to trail in the polls ahead of elections in the coming months, the fear of an accident in the Aegean, as the Turkish provocation hits "red", remains.

Yesterday, Ankara once again indulged in the "game" of fake news, claiming that a Turkish fishing vessel was harassed off Lesbos by the Greek coast guard.

As Turkish media reported, which were immediately denied by the Greek authorities, the Greek coast guard approached the Turkish fishing boat, which was fishing in Turkish territorial waters, and initially threw stones and then opened fire.

Sources of the Port of Lesbos point out that...

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