Over 126 tons of bootleg alcohol seized in Istanbul last year

Over 126 tons of bootleg alcohol were seized in 54 operations in Istanbul in 2022.

Istanbul police carried out a total of 54 operations, two of which were against the organized smuggling structure, between Jan. 1, 2022, and Dec. 31, 2022, in an effort to prevent the production and sale of bootleg alcohol.

A total of 126.8 tons of alcoholic beverages, 10,191 full liquor bottles, 21,763 empty liquor bottles, 125,300 liquor labels, 93,648 counterfeit banderols, and 7,472 counterfeit foreign banderols were seized in the operations.

A large number of boiling and distillation machines, water engines, water tanks, funnels, hoses, compressors, breathalyzers and empty cans used in the manufacture of fake alcohol were also confiscated.

Judicial action was taken against 282 suspects who were caught on the charge of "violating the law against smuggling." While judicial control provisions were applied to 80 of the suspects, 47 of them were arrested.

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