River feeding Keban Dam turns into small stream

Murat River, which feeds the Keban Dam Basin, one of the most important dams meeting the country's water needs, has almost turned into a small stream as the water has receded for meters due to drought.

The drought is causing concern throughout the country, while there was an inadequate amount of rain and snowfall this year in the eastern province of Elazığ, where the Keban Dam is located.

Due to the low precipitation, the water level dropped in the Keban Dam and Murat River, which feeds it, just as in many dams and rivers in the country.

The river, from which water was drawn for meters, turned into a small stream.

The water completely receded in the area where there was a sign "hunting, swimming and entering the water are prohibited in this area," which was placed on the edge of the river basin when the water level was considerably high.

Fishermen who make a living by hunting fish in the river stated that "there is no water left to fish."

Stating that they were financially straitened, fishermen wished that rains would be observed as soon as possible.

Fisherman Fadlı Kaynak stated that there has been almost no water in the river for two years.

"There is no precipitation and snow. We have extreme difficulties. We can't throw nets. Last year was also dry, but this year is even worse than the last year," Kaynak said.

"Nothing like this has ever been seen so far. The water level also dropped last year, but not by that much. This year it has dropped tremendously," he added.

"I am 48 years old, and I have never seen such a drought before," another fisherman expressed.

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