Weather in Bulgaria will be mostly Cloudy, Temperatures up to 12 degrees

Today before noon there will be fog or low clouds in the flat part of the country. The prevailing minimum temperatures will be between minus 2°C and 3°C, in Sofia - around minus 2°C.

After noon, a rapid increase in cloudiness will begin from the west, which will reach Eastern Bulgaria in the evening. It will rain in the western regions overnight on Tuesday. It will blow weak, in the eastern half of the country to moderate wind from the south-southeast. Maximum temperatures will be between 7°C and 12°C, lower in areas with permanent fog, in Sofia - around 8°C.

On Tuesday, it will rain over the whole country, in most areas rain, in places in Western Bulgaria mixed with snow. Temperatures will drop further, daytime temperatures will be between 6 and 11 degrees Celsius, for Sofia 6.

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