Greek tourism season earlier than ever with first flights in early March

We open and start working from the middle of March, earlier than ever, is the slogan of the political leadership of the Ministry of Tourism for the new tourist season, which it estimates will be another strong year.

The Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, appears particularly optimistic for 2023, although there are still a number of troubling factors such as the war in Ukraine, the inflationary and energy crisis and the impact these factors may have on the income of the average European citizen, who, however, still ardently wants to travel according to the surveys. The Ministry also points out that the great work done in previous years and especially in the last year has raised the "brand" Greece to positions 1-5, from positions 5-10 and has also contributed to the attraction of tourists with higher incomes.

Optimistic estimates

The optimistic estimates of Mr. Kikilias are also based on the movements of tour operators and airlines. According to the Minister, the first direct flights to and from Greece are expected to start already from the beginning of March, while some estimate that it is possible to have charter flights, mainly in the South Aegean even in February.

The airlines that connect Greece with the other side of the Atlantic make their mark. These days, the routes of Delta Airlines that connected Athens with New York are completed, only to restart in March. In addition, two more airlines, American Airlines and United, will start their first flights from March, with Emirates firmly connecting Greece with the other side of the Atlantic throughout the year. Air Transat is also coming back from spring, which will connect Greece with Canada.

The next steps

The plans of the Ministry of Tourism also include the launch...

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