Influenza Epidemic in Burgas from January 12 to 17 – In Two Weeks it might Cover all Regions of Bulgaria

The regional crisis headquarters in Burgas decided to declare a flu epidemic in the entire region from January 12 to 17.

The reason is the increased number of patients with acute respiratory diseases and influenza.

The measures envisaged to limit the spread are:

- Planned consultations of pregnant women and infants are suspended.

- Hospital visits are suspended.

- Pupils and students throughout the district are switching to online learning.

- A daily filter is introduced in kindergartens.

- The disinfection of public places is being intensified.

Angel Kunchev: In two weeks, the flu will cover all regions of the country

"The incidence of influenza in some regions of our country is growing rapidly. Today, the regional headquarters in Burgas announced an epidemic. Cases are growing in Pazardzhik, Varna, Lovech, Shumen. The situation is dynamic and it is not known who will be the next region to declare an epidemic. Within two weeks, the flu will cover all regions." This was stated at a media briefing by the Chief State Health Inspector, Prof. Angel Kunchev.

According to him, unlike other years, the wave started from the east and not from the big cities. Cases in Sofia are relatively low in number. "Of course, there is an increase, but they are far from epidemic levels", said Prof. Kunchev.

He expects that tomorrow Pazardzhik will also declare a flu epidemic.

"It has rarely happened that all regions in Bulgaria are in an epidemic and a national epidemic is declared. Probably those who enter first - such as Pazardzhik, Varna, Shumen, Gabrovo and Lovech, will have already come out of the epidemic."

Prof. Kunchev also said that this year...

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