No talk of closure or mandatory masks for Greek schools

There is no possibility of closing schools due to the outbreak of coronavirus cases and viruses, as clarified by the Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos.

Regarding the possibility of a return of the mandatory mask, the minister ruled it out.

At the same time, she again referred to the issue of teacher hirings.

An end to the debate about school shut downs and masks

The Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, speaking on ANT1 chnnel, categorically emphasized that she has not received any recommendation from the committee of experts either for closing schools due to the outbreak of coronavirus cases and viruses, or for the mandatory use of masks .

As Mrs. Kerameos said, the Ministry of Education, from the very beginning, has recommended to parents not to send their children to school when they have any "suspicious" symptoms, and in fact provision has been made for absences, as from November until in March they will not, counting up to 5-day absences with the corresponding certificate from a doctor.

For sub teachers

Regarding the issue of substitutes and permanent teacher appointments, Ms. Kerameos emphasized that for 12 years not a single permanent teacher appointment had been made, but in the last 2 years, the Mitsotakis Government proceeded with 25,000 permanent teacher appointments.

The Minister of Education underlined that the goal of the Government is to eliminate the phenomenon of substitutes because it is a distortion and that the substitutes are only to cover an emergency. For this reason, there is a discussion to draw up a bill to qualify a new system of appointments that will meet the permanent needs by appointing permanent teachers, instead of substitutes.

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