Brnabic: No expectations from Chollet visit expect formation of Community

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said on Wednesday she had neither good nor bad expectations from an upcoming visit by US State Department Counsellor Derek Chollet and only expected the US to deliver on a promise a Community of Serb Municipalities would be formed in Kosovo-Metohija.

"I have no expectations, good or bad. The only thing that matters and that is on the table is a US promise that the formation of a Community of Serb Municipalities would begin, and that would be good, that would be an implementation of the Brussels Agreement," Brnabic told Pink TV.

She said frequent media reports about Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and his son Danilo were no coincidence at this point.

She said the "brutal attacks" using Vucic's family members were a part of a pressure campaign against Vucic ahead of upcoming important visits and tough discussions.


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