Brnabic: UN resolutions apply to Cyprus, but not to Serbia

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said on Wednesday double standards were at work in international relations when it comes to territorial disputes, citing the cases of Cyprus and Kosovo-Metohija, which she noted were being treated differently by the German foreign ministry.

"The German foreign ministry has said a 'two Germanies'-type solution is not an option for Cyprus, but that a solution must be sought only through the UN and respect of relevant UN resolutions. Therefore, two states are not an option for Cyprus, but when they talk about Serbia, I guess it is the only option, and respect of UN resolutions is not an option. But that is the reality and we must work in those frameworks and protect Serbia, and President Vucic is working on that," Brnabic told Pink TV.

She said that, besides protecting its national interests in the political sphere, Serbia must work on...

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