Experts reassuring over new subvariant

Greek experts appear reassuring that the XBB.1.5 subvariant of Covid-19 that seems to be prevailing in the United States will not necessarily spread to Europe as fast.

But even if it does, it is not expected to inspire particular concern. XBB.1.5, which has become known as the "Kraken" after the sea monster of Norse mythology, is a new subvariant of Omicron and, according to the World Health Organization, appears to have an advantage in transmission over another Omicron subvariant that preceded it in the US, at the end of December.

There is currently no evidence that it causes more severe disease. The new subtype has also been identified in European countries. It has not yet been identified in Greece, even though it is not being ruled out it has already arrived.

In comments to Kathimerini, the vice president of the National Public Health Organization (EODY),...

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