Is it already in Serbia?

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Health, MD Mirsad erlek, says that there is no confirmation yet, but in his belief, a new strain of the Coronavirus has arrived in Serbia as well, given the rising number of infected people, and that its detection is expected soon.

He said that there is no need to panic and that he is encouraged by the milder clinical picture of the new virus strain.
Mirsad erlek said that he believes that a new strain of coronavirus has arrived in Serbia, but that its detection, i.e., registration is expected.
"My personal opinion is that the virus is here, and we expect its detection or registration soon. I think it is a matter of days, given that he it has already been detected in Romania, with the first cases registered there. All recent events such as holidays, migration of our people to and back from Europe, all those who came to celebrate the New Year and Christmas holidays, influenced the worsening of the epidemic situation," erlek pointed out in the main News report by RTS.
The indicators in December show there were around 500 infected per day, and now that number is more than a thousand per day. However, he emphasized that there is no need to panic.
"This is one of the most contagious strains, so say the scientists, who are much more experienced and have more knowledge than I do in this sense. We do not have confirmation yet, but it probably exists, considering the number of newly infected people," the state secretary continued.
He added that he is encouraged by the milder clinical picture of the new strain, but also worried that, as he said, we are still not the most responsible towards older patients with higher comorbidity rates.

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