Vucic: I will receive "big four" by January 20

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Wednesday he would by January 20 receive international envoys for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, to whom he referred as "the big four".

Vucic was speaking to reporters after a visit to the construction site of a New Belgrade-Surcin bypass.

When asked to comment on a statement by Pristina's deputy PM Besnik Bislimi, who has announced penalties for those who fail to re-register their vehicles after March 31, Vucic responded Bislimi had evidently not read agreements reached by someone else.

"Or he is announcing a new action. I do not think they have a way of doing that because otherwise they would have removed the barricades. It is a tactic where we are supposed to remain silent when someone is supposed to become a UN member," Vucic noted, adding that Bislimi's words were not to be taken as true.

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