Brnabic meets with Chollet

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Ana Brnabic met with US State Department Counsellor Derek Chollet in Belgrade on Thursday.

Brnabic thanked the US for its open and constructive approach to open issues in the region and, in particular, for its constructive role in maintaining peace in the region, the Serbian government said in a statement released after the meeting.

She said she hoped 2023 would be a year of a more stable period, unlike last year, which she said had been one of instability and provocations caused by unilateral moves by the interim Pristina institutions.

Brnabic said maintaining peace and stability was Serbia's priority.

Speaking about Belgrade-Pristina relations, Brnabic said Serbia remained committed to peace and stability and that, as in the past, it would continue to maintain a constructive approach through dialogue.

Brnabic and Chollet...

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