More than 24 hours, Bulgarian Police hid the Case of the Beaten and Naked Ukrainian Woman in Sofia

The brutal case of the naked, barefoot and beaten Ukrainian woman thrown away by a former employee of the Interior Ministry did not find a place in the information bulletins of the Ministry of the Interior today.

Information that a man has barricaded himself in the capital's "Hadji Dimitar" neighborhood and police officers and psychologists are negotiating with him to get out, first appeared in BNR, and then the Ministry of the Interior confirmed the case to BTA. For "24 Chasa", the Ministry of the Interior initially stated that there was no one hurt.

The BNR information mentions a woman who was previously taken out of the apartment, for whom there are "suspicions of violence".

Neighbors who witnessed the case in building #117 told about the horrific beating inflicted on a woman from Ukraine on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. After that, the abuser barricaded himself and until Wednesday at noon policemen negotiated with him to let them go. The woman speaks very little Bulgarian, and she had a romantic relationship with the abuser. She moved in with him about two months ago.

According to neighbors, she is at least the second victim of the abuser. The man had recently moved into the apartment on the eighth floor. Four months ago, he again beat and threw another woman out of the apartment. He was seen with several other women who lived there briefly and then disappeared.

The man's name is Orlin Gigov and he is a former driver at the Ministry of Internal Affairs hospital. He has criminal records.

This morning, the Metropolitan Directorate of Internal Affairs told OFFNews that the man was detained yesterday, although neighbors said that he was in his apartment and even repaired the door. They confirmed that a woman...

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