Number of suicides in Greece up 25 pct since 2020, report shows


The number of people committing suicide in Greece in 2022 increased by almost 25% relative to 2020, according to the annual suicide data reported and analysed by the Suicide Observatory Klimaka.

The total number of reported suicides in 2022 was close to 600, with analysts noting that this figure actually corresponds to at least two suicides a day, given that suicide deaths are generally under-reported throughout the world.

"Τhe total number of recorded suicides is the tip of the iceberg and in no way reflects the overall dimension of the problem, as for various reasons the under-reporting of suicides is a given at the global level, according to the World Health Organization," the authors of the report said.

The report said the vast majority of people who had taken their lives were male (78%), with female suicides making up 22%. In terms of age group, people...

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