Panathinaikos soccer fan club targeted in Maroussi


At least eight shops, seven houses and two cars were damaged in the suburb of Maroussi in northern Athens, early on Thursday when an explosive device went off outside a Panathinaikos fan club, while several surrounding buildings suffered damages on their windows and walls.

Nobody was injured in the blast, which occurred at around 3.30 a.m. on Anavriton Street, but an elderly man in the neighbourhood suffering from heart problems was transferred to a hospital nearby as a precaution.

Police said that the attacker was riding on a large motorcycle and hurled an explosive device towards the fan club. The device probably contained dynamite and was not made up of camping gas canisters as is usually the case in such attacks.

The noise from the blast was heard in neighbouring districts, local residents said.

This is the third time that the same soccer fan club...

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