Exxon hid the truth for 50 years

Numerous internal documents and scientific research have already shown that "Exxon" was very well aware of the dangers caused by global warming as early as the early 1970s, with solid evidence that the oil industry knew about the risk even earlier - as documents from the 1950s show.
After that, to prevent any attempt to reduce the use of fossil fuels, they successfully mobilized anti-science forces.
Still, a new study clearly shows that Exxon scientists created very accurate and precise projections from the 1970s onwards, predicting an upward curve in global temperature and carbon dioxide emissions, close to what actually happened once the world began to heat up at an incredible speed.
"Exxon" scientists predicted that the global temperature increase will be about 0.2 degrees Celsius due to the greenhouse gases emission from burning oil, coal, and other fossil fuels. The new analysis, published by the Science Journal, found that Exxon's scientists were highly skilled and that their estimates were "fully consistent with independent academic and government models."
Geoffrey Supran, whose previous research into historical industry documents helped shed light on exactly what Exxon and other oil companies knew, says it was amazing to see how Exxon's projections aligned so closely with what actually happened years later.
"This really sums up what Exxon knew, years before many of us were born," said Supran, Head of the Research Analysis Department at Harvard University and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change Research.
"Now we have evidence showing that they correctly predicted global warming years before they started attacking the science. These charts prove that 'Exxon' knew and deliberately misled."
The research analyzed...

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