Holidays to cost 10-15% more

Greek hoteliers have signed contracts with major foreign tour operators with price hikes between 10% and 15% for the 2023 season.

These increases, which average around 12%, concern holiday packages sold in major European countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom by tour operators such as TUI Group, Der Touristik, Apollo, which specializes in the Scandinavian markets, Seniorenreisen (Austria), Ideal Tours, Springer Reisen and others.

Despite the rise in prices, which comes as a logical effect of inflation and the strong demand for vacations in Greece, major tour operators estimate that they will be able to sell even more packages this year, market sources tell Kathimerini. Hikes vary from destination to destination, depending on the popularity they command among European markets.

However, the price increases for direct bookings made by travelers are even...

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