International Cryptocurrency Fraud Network Operating in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Serbia has been Neutralized – Is Nexo Involved?

In almost identical announcements, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office announced that they had broken up a cryptocurrency fraud network that operated from Bulgaria, Cyprus and Serbia, indicating that the actions in the past few days were in compliance with a European Investigation Order issued by Germany. The messages absolutely nowhere mention specific names of either participants or the company under investigation. There is no information about anyone detained in Bulgaria, and there is not a single charge brought by the Bulgarian prosecutor's office.

The announcement comes a day after the Ministry of the Interior, the State Tax Service and the prosecutor's office entered offices related to the cryptobank Nexo, and the spokesperson of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev - Siika Mileva announced that they are investigating the so-called "hollow companies" and that a client of the platform who transferred cryptocurrencies was officially declared a person who finances terrorist acts. In her statement, she refused to give more details and information and never once named the company or people. Nexo was also not mentioned in today's announcement from investigators, and it is not clear whether the prosecutor's office is announcing another investigation. On Thursday, the claim was that investigations were ongoing into "activities of an organized criminal group, money laundering, tax offences, unlicensed banking and computer fraud".

Today, from an announcement by the prosecutor's office, it is understood that the action was not initiated by Bulgaria, but was in response to the execution of a European Investigation Order issued by Germany, and here it is being conducted under the...

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