Staff shortages in Cyprus tourism in 2022

The number of job vacancies reported by hotels in Cyprus for the year 2022 was almost three times the monthly average of registered unemployed people, Labor and Social Insurance Minister Kyriacos Koushos told a conference on Friday in Nicosia titled "Staff Shortages in the Field of Hospitality," in an address delivered by the ministry's permanent secretary, Andreas Zachariades.

"Specifically, the number of job vacancies in 2022 was 7,689 while the average number of registered unemployed [with experience in or qualifications for working in the hotel sector] last year amounted to 2,650 people. The corresponding figures in 2021 were 6,915 job vacancies and 4,622 unemployed," Koushos said.

At the same time, the minister said the fact that the sector in Cyprus is regulated increases its attractiveness for employees. He also noted that the ministry achieved the renewal of...

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