Sweden denounces PKK demonstration as 'disgusting'

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson on Jan. 13 denounced a demonstration by PKK terror organization in central Stockholm, where the supporters of the group hung a puppet from its legs that depicted President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as 'disgusting' and an act of "sabotage" against Sweden's bid to join NATO.

The supporters of the PKK gathered in front of the historical City Hall in the capital Stockholm on Jan. 11 and hung a puppet likened to Erdoğan by the feet and shared video footage of the moment on social media affiliated with the group and the demonstration drew an angry backlash from Türkiye, a NATO member which already had held off on approving Sweden's application to become part of the Western military alliance until the government in Stockholm satisfies its demands.

The speaker of Türkiye's parliament, Mustafa Şentop, canceled a visit by Andreas Norlén, the speaker of the Swedish parliament, that was scheduled for next Tuesday. Turkish lawmakers need to ratify Sweden's NATO application for the Nordic nation to become a member.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Swedish ambassador on Thursday over the Stockholm demonstration.

Kristersson condemned the incident involving the effigy of Erdoğan.

"People tried to show their views on the Swedish NATO accession through a disgusting way of portraying president Erdoğan in almost something looking like an execution." Kristersson told reporters after a meeting with European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen. "That is bad in every sense."

Kristersson said he understood why Türkiye is outraged, saying "we would show the same reaction if this was aimed at a Swedish leader."

He previously told Swedish broadcaster TV4 on Friday that it was "extremely serious...

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