THY to teach Turkish to US housewives

Turkish Airlines (THY), which has contributed significantly to the increase in the number of tourists visiting Türkiye with its promotional programs, plans to implement a project that teaches Turkish to U.S. housewives.

Ahmet Bolat, the chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee of THY met with Julie A. Eadeh, the U.S. Consul General in Istanbul at THY General Directorate in the Bakırköy district.

Providing information about the project aiming to bring 2 million tourists from the U.S., Bolat stated that they met to discuss about the "Learn Turkish in Istanbul - Watch Tv Series Easier" package program.

In the project, which was created considering the interest of housewives from the U.S. in Turkish series, language training in Istanbul will be offered to them.

"We will offer a four-week study package, including accommodation, at attractive prices to the U.S. housewives who show great interest in Turkish TV series. We are about to complete the agreements with the hotels that we will include in the package," Bolat explained.

"We believe that in parallel with the interest in Turkish TV series at our event held in Miami last November, the interest in our language will also increase with these package opportunities," he stated.

Being the leader of Türkiye's services export, THY aims to make a significant contribution to both other service export sectors and the number of tourists visiting the country with the new projects and promotional programs it has developed.

THY, which will continue its promotional programs in this country within the scope of its goals to bring 2 million tourists from the U.S. to Türkiye, will share the details of the project in the coming days.

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