Vučić: Section completion by 2024

President Vui said that the Chinese workers were urged to increase the dynamics and used the opportunity to remind the public that the last railway in Serbia was built in 1976.
"After a few setbacks, now we are increasing the pace and work dynamics. The intention is to speed up the work for six months and to cut the execution and work at least half as fast as you work in China. The last railway in Serbia was built in 1976. Nothing after that - he said and added that from 2012 until today, 108.1 km of railways have been built.
"And then, since 2012, we have built 108.1 kilometers and 775 kilometers, and now we are working on another 156 kilometers, another 160 kilometers are planned, with another 2,000 kilometers covered by our planning documents. This means that there will be a lot of work for Chinese companies and both Serbian and Chinese workers, President Vui said.
The completion of the entire route is expected by the end of next year. Additionally, some problems with spare parts were reported.
"We need to impose heavier sanctions on those who steal parts of railway tracks. By doing so, they are endangering other people's lives," he said.
"As of today, here we will have one of the train stations on the way to Subotica. The work is going faster than scheduled, so sometimes it is better to pay more, and pay earlier to see better results, as was the case of the Belgrade-Novi Sad section. We want the railway, not only to be there but to make it work and live. In our calculations, all this will be completed by the end of 2024. It is also important to us because we plan to promote and develop tourism, and all the places on this road map. We have achieved incredible results and we expect even better results. The last railway constructed...

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