Bulgaria: Over a Million Covid Vaccines will Expire by June 2023

For the period from 02.08.2022 to the beginning of January 2023, 657,762 doses of the Comirnaty vaccine and 271,910 doses of the Spikevax vaccine expired. This was reported by the Acting Health Minister Asen Medzhidiev in response to a parliamentary question.

As of 30.06.2023, of the available quantities of vaccines in the country, the expiration date of nearly a million /956,146/ doses of the Comirnaty vaccine, 15,780 doses of the Spikevax vaccine, and 9,420 doses of the COVID-19 Valneva vaccine will expire.

In November 2022, correspondence was initiated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a study by the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Bulgaria regarding the willingness of their countries to receive vaccines against COVID-19 through resale or donation and more specifically of the Comirnaty and JCOVDEN vaccine. So far, only the Embassy of Bulgaria in Poland has notified the Ministry of Health that Poland has sufficient quantities of vaccines against COVID-19 and there is no need to obtain additional quantities.

Sri Lanka also does not need vaccines to be sent to them from Bulgaria, it is clear from a note from the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Warsaw.

On 02.01.2023, a notification was received through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism that the Republic of Maldives has submitted a request to receive a donation of 30,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine - VA.4-5 (expired 31 July 2023). The point of receipt is International Airport - Vienna, adds the Minister of Health. Details regarding the possibility of a donation without undertaking a financial commitment from Bulgaria for logistics and forwarding, as well as for taking the quantities from the territory of the country, are to be clarified. In the event that these conditions are...

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