Mayor of New York: The is No More Room for Migrants

Mayor Eric Adams

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said migrants should be warned that there is "no more room" for them in the Big Apple. He called on the federal government to step up coordination to deal with this "national emergency."

Adams spoke in El Paso after inspecting conditions in the Texas border city. New York's mayor blasted federal leaders for failing to help cities across the country that are hosting dozens of migrants.

He said he learned on Sunday that websites were giving asylum seekers a "false impression" of what they could expect in New York, including that they would live in hotels when they would actually be housed in shelters.

"We learned today, which was very informative, and that's why it was important to come here, that there are websites that advertise that the streets of New York are paved with gold and that you can get a job there and live in a hotel," Adams said.

"There's a false impression among asylum seekers and migrants that if you come to New York, everything is fine. We need to give people accurate information. And that's exactly what some of the centers here are doing. They're really explaining to people that this is what is happening in New York right now. If you go there, you're going to be living in hoardings because there's no more room in New York. It has to be coordinated by our national government."

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