Ministry establishes 733 honey forests in 79 cities

Establishing 733 honey forests in 79 out of 81 provinces, the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry is aiming to increase this figure to 790 by the end of 2023, stating that Türkiye ranks second in the world in honey production.

In the statement made by the ministry to daily Hürriyet, it noted that efforts are being made to increase honey production and quality in Türkiye and to employ more people in this field.

Some 92 percent of pine honey production in the world is carried out in Türkiye, the ministry stated, adding that honey forests make it possible to increase the economic, ecological and social functions of forest areas, to provide employment and additional income to forest villagers.

Minister Vahit Kirişçi noted that his ministry provides some support and incentives by taking into account the difficulties that beekeepers face in the country and in the world.

According to official data, 96,000 tons of honey were produced domestically last year, Kirişçi stated.

"As the seasonal conditions are going well this year as well, we expect honey production of over 100,000 tons," Kirişçi said.

In the 11-month period of last year, 16,000 tons of honey worth $41.5 million were exported, the minister pointed out.

According to the data of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Türkiye ranks second after China in terms of bee colony presence and honey production as of 2020.

"By increasing production, we will have a greater say in the honey sector in the world," Kirişçi stated.

The ministry also emphasized that beekeeping in forests plays a vital role in terms of the future of forestry.

Damaged forest areas are utilized with the establishment of honey forests, while biodiversity is...

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