Mother handed life sentence for murder of 7-year-old son

[Intime News]

A court in Athens convicted on Monday a 30-year-old woman to life in prison over the brutal murder of her seven-year-old son in 2017.

The court said the mother did nothing while her now deceased partner, a Polish national, subjected her son to long hours of punishment and covered his mouth with insulating tape. Her partner later committed suicide while waiting for his trial in a prison of Corfu.

The boy died of asphyxiation after the woman's partner blocked his nose and mouth with duct tape, then built a makeshift tomb with bricks on the roof of their apartment building, where they placed the body. The couple concealed the body for five years, taking it with them from one apartment to another. Police investigating the boy's disappearance found his bones stored in a toolbox in the couple's flat in the Athens district of Kypseli on February 2022.

The convicted...

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