President Radev gave the Third Mandate for a Government to the Bulgarian Socialists

Ninova (left), Radev (right)

President Rumen Radev handed over the third exploratory mandate for forming a government to the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). The chairman of the parliamentary group of the Left, Kornelia Ninova, took the folder.

"Following the failure of the first and second mdantes to form a government, in compliance with the Constitution, I task you to nominate a candidate for Prime Minister. I have turned to your political formation in search of the best chance to form a functioning regular government with a clear political responsibility," said Rumen Radev.

According to him, in times of strong political opposition, BSP has managed to preserve the dialogue with all the political parties represented in the parliament and has shown that it can make compromises, reach an agreement, enter into coalitions and govern together with its ideological opponents, interact equally well with both the new and the old political formations in the Bulgarian parliament.

"I hope that the BSP's aspiration for a strong social policy and strengthening of Bulgarian parliamentarism will be another motive for forming a regular government," added Rumen Radev.

This is the fourth time in the last nearly two years that the head of state has decided to give the last mandate to BSP. So far, their attempts to form a government have not been successful.

It is expected that during the week the Left will gather the National Council of the party and decide from which parliamentary groups it will seek support.

Ninova after getting the third mandate: We will do whatever it takes

First comment from the leader of the Socialists, Kornelia Ninova, who received the folder.

"We will do everything necessary. The most...

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