1.5 million men and weapons arrive for the army; It's going to be a tremendous change

Those changes will be made in the period from 2023 to 2026, the press service announced, after the session of the Ministry chaired by Minister Sergei Shoigu.
The announcement states that all changes in the composition of the Armed Forces, the increase in their numbers and changes in the military-administrative division of Russia, which will take place in the period 2023-2036, require all Deputy Ministers of Defense, Chief Commanders of the Armed Forces, Troop Commanders of Military Districts, the Northern Fleet and Armed Forces Troops to take appropriate competent decisions.
The Ministry points out that the increase of the Armed Forces of Russia to 1.5 million soldiers will be synchronized with the delivery of weapons, the construction of infrastructure and the provision of troops.
Minister Sergei Shoigu particularly drew attention to the fact that all measures should be combined in the Comprehensive Plan for increasing the composition and number of the Armed Forces of Russia and synchronized with the deadlines for the delivery of weapons, military and special equipment and material resources within the framework of the State Defense Order, the construction of infrastructure for the deployment of troops and provision of appropriate resources, the press release points out.
"In order to ensure the increase in the number of the Armed Forces of Russia, special attention will be paid to the recruitment of soldiers under contract, ensuring the timely delivery of equipment, as well as the increase of training grounds in the existing military districts and new territories of Russia," Shoigu said during the session.
The minister mentioned that the scope of training of cadets and students at the faculties of the Ministry of Defense will also be...

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